DIY Auto Interior

Whether you are a car lover or not, everyone can agree that a car’s interior has to be the best. Whether you’re commuting to work, going grocery shopping or going out on a date, a great deal of time is spent looking at the inside of your car. If you fear that an interior makeover will cost you more than what you paid for the car itself, you are mistaken. There are many resources available to help you successfully perform a DIY auto interior makeover. Here are some ideas and resources to aid you in spicing up the interior of your car, without paying too much or working too hard.

DIY Auto Interior Tips and Methods

Center Console and Dash

The center console and dash are the first things your eyes see when you get into the driver’s seat. To start, you can tweak the appearance of your dash without investing a lot of time. The first step is to clean your dash with the use of SEM soap or any soap meant for automobiles. Once you are done with the cleaning, use sandpaper to prime the dash and get it ready for painting. Use whatever color auto spray you’d like and carefully spray the dash. Make sure to use painter’s tape to mark off areas you don’t want painted. You can also use this procedure in working on your center console, pillars, door panels and any of the plastic areas. If the paint used is of good quality and you have done a perfect painting, then your console and dash will look good as new. No one will ever suspect that you painted it yourself.


Why spend so much time and a lump sum of cash just to buy a ‘perfect’ chair? One good reason is for enjoying comfort and maintaining your body alignment. If you’re spending even an hour a day in your car, then why ignore the quality of your seat? Automotive seats are equally important and vital aspects of a car. They should not only look nice but make you feel comfortable too. Car seats occupy a lot of space and are noticeable from both outside and inside the car.  Therefore, make sure to use seat covers that are meant for single seats. You can customize your seat’s comfort level by placing additional ‘back aligning foam’ or similar products that are readily available in the market today.

Mats and Carpets

Carpets and mats experience a lot of wear and tear, whether at home or in your car. If you think replacing floor mats will protect carpets and mats, then you are mistaken. You can opt for vehicle carpeting where you’ll get precut mats and carpets that not only fit your car floor but also the model and make of your car. Getting rid of the old carpet is not an easy task- you will have to make use of a ratchet, sockets and a screwdriver to do the job. Choosing bold colors for your carpets and mats will make your interior look uber cool and truly fab!